Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation

  • Causes: Animal Rights
  • Website: http://www.tvmf.org
  • Mission: The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation was established in 1978 as a charitable and philanthropic organization. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the health and welfare of animals in Texas and celebrating the human-animal bond through education, public relations, research, fundraising and the development of people in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • Details: The phrase, “CARING FOR ANIMALS, ADVANCING THE PROFESSION, AND SERVING PEOPLE,” captures the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation’s mission. It includes: Caring For Animals: Provide programs advocating responsible pet ownership and educating the public about the importance of veterinary care for their pets Supporting owner education programs that provide Texas communities with knowledge and information on caring for and protecting their pets, livestock and wildlife Advancing the Profession: Ensuring the infusion of bright new medical talent into the profession by providing support to veterinary students through awards and grants Supporting select programs/projects that advance the art and science of veterinary medicine Serving People: Support the veterinary community by being the public relations and philanthropic arm of the veterinary profession Support the veterinary community by providing a contingency fund for disaster and emergency relief