Positive Footprint

(Community and Service)

Non-Profit Details

Positive Footprint engages high school youth in monthly philanthropic events that support local nonprofits in need, while helping them internalize the value of giving. Members are organized into diverse action teams that volunteer once per month, alongside a different nonprofit. Upon the conclusion of nine monthly volunteer events, each team selects an organization that they have served, and spend the final three months of the program fundraising in support of the organization's cause.

Mission Statement

To create the next generation of givers.

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Local Schools Local Needs


Non-Profit Details provides a free online platform where teachers ask local community members to share their resources with the school, rather than merely raising funds to purchase new supplies. Besides material resources, schools can benefit from professionals, parents, tutors, speakers and other guests who can contribute--and are eager to contribute--to the student learning environment.

Mission Statement

Local Schools Local Needs ( connects educators and local people to encourage volunteering time and donating resources to help students.

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Amala Foundation

(Humanitarian Relief)

Non-Profit Details

Founded in 2002, The Amala Foundation has grown from a grassroots community to an international humanitarian service organization. Over the last ten years, we have helped thousands of people find peace in their hearts and meaning in their lives through service to others, while directly impacting the lives of more than 1000 under-served youth from around the world. In addition to youth programs like the Global Youth Peace Summit, One Village Project, and Camp Indigo, The Amala Foundation also serves communities in need abroad. Through the Living Water Project in Gui Village, Nigeria, The Amala Foundation built two water wells, saving 3,500 people (including 2,000 children) from disease. In 2009, The Amala Foundation partnered with the Bhatti Mines School in New Delhi, India. Through this partnership, 200 children have been offered an alternative to child labor, a way out of extreme poverty, hope for the future and freedom to thrive.

Mission Statement

The Amala Foundation provides opportunities for personal growth through humanitarian service projects that benefit youth including local, refugee and immigrant children.

3 Available Projects