"Awareness of the benefits of Natural Building is growing, due in part to people such as all the APB staff, that have graciously helped in our efforts.

"To each of the members of Austin Pro Bono that Earthen Love has worked with over the last 6 or so months, we give a heart-felt Thank You for connecting us to (our volunteer), who has a heart of gold and can see the big picture ahead. When first contacted APB did not hesitate in offering assistance and quickly teamed EL with one of your many volunteers, which has been a rewarding experience for us. The service you provide for Nonprofits and those who are looking to serve or perhaps gain experience in a particular field is so valuable.

"As time goes on we will use the videos put together by our volunteer to help educate and inform the public on a new (old world) building technique that makes so much sense in this time of sustainability and compassion to the natural resources of our planet. Your help has made this all possible and for anyone who may be in need of help with a project that reaches others in the community we will highly recommend Austin Pro Bono."Earthen Love

"The Austin Pro Bono staff has been great to work with. They are a friendly and professional group of people dedicated to helping the non-profit community of Austin." Four Winds Intertribal Society

"This year we are using a volunteer, who has blown us right out of the water. He is extremely professional and an amazing graphic artist. We feel like we are playing with the big boys now that we have a product that compares with the quality of other, more well funded conservation organizations."

"Also, both graphic artists were provided a schedule for producing the work and both have been fantastic at meeting our schedules and keeping our anxiety at bay!"

"I am thrilled to have this service available to nonprofits such as ours that don't have budgets for the fancy stuff. I have been delighted to find that just because the service is pro bono doesn't diminish in any way the service and product we have received. In fact, I think the opposite has been true. I am truly impressed with the quality of the work we have done by the graphic artists we found through Austin Pro Bono. Thanks, folks." Travis Audubon

"I'm frankly excited by the prospects, not just for the support we may be able to find but also because the process itself has so much value as a national model. I'm discovering Austin Pro Bono is a fresh and flexible resource, more responsive (for our needs at least) than other long-established groups. APB seems more direct in connecting skill to need, with less burden of organizational overhead. I'm already a fan." Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network


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